About Us

Since 1979, General Sprinklers has placed customer satisfaction first through not only our quality of work but also our extensive background knowledge of sprinkler systems. Primarily focused in the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential sector of the sprinkler industry, General Sprinklers has successfully managed to become a diverse and strategically placed sprinkler contractor. Our work is diversified in all aspects of sprinkler installation as it relates to fire protection, from new construction to tenant improvement (renovations), system upgrades, service to existing facilities, and maintenance & inspections. We have worked on various projects ranging from custom-built homes to mega hospitals. We also act as a General Contractor from time to time taking on entire projects from Design, Build & Construct. Completing projects of vast size and challenges is what General Sprinklers is known for and what we enjoy doing. The vast majority of our jobs are entirely run and coordinated from our offices. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows repeat costumers to have continued confidence in working with us. General Sprinkler’s industry competence and workmanship pride is visible in all of our work. Our focus for our company is not to be the biggest in the industry, but to always try harder to win customer satisfaction!

Company History

Founded in 1979 as General Sprinklers by Danny Palumbo. Originally focusing on small to medium sized projects, the company slowly grew and started working as a mainstream competitor in all aspects of the sprinkler industry. The company quickly became known for its dependability and quality workmanship.

In 2004 General Sprinklers expanded their services and acted as a General Contractor (Design & Build) for the Farran’s Point Petroleum Tank Farm (in Eastern Ontario), where they constructed the pump & equipment building along with waterman’s and Fire Alarm supplying a major foam type deluged system covering (4) Four 2 million gallons tanks!

Many other notable “Special Hazard” type installations were completed at, TELUS Mobility Switchgear Centers, BMO Data Center in Barrie
In 2005 General Sprinklers landed its largest single multi million dollar contract to date with The Peterborough Memorial Hospital Re-Development. Since then, the company has continued to grow and is now being selected as a partner for major design-build projects that exceed the 3 million dollar range.

This multi million dollar project was a natural transition into the mainstream of the “large Mega Projects”. The Peterborough Memorial Hospital project was both on time and on budget with the same standard of high quality work, and customer satisfaction. Although this was there largest single contract to date it was only a fraction of their yearly combined sales.

In 2007, General Sprinklers reached abroad to expand it’s services, on a permanent joint venture bases, on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad & Tobago, with 3 major sized office towers.
Their reach has not stopped there, with other foreign projects in Bahamas and out of province contracts across Canada. In 2009, General Sprinklers was awarded its first P3 Type Project, being the Bridge-point Hospital, in east-downtown Toronto. This was a “pre-selected team type of a tender”, where the Government of Ontario procures prices from consortiums who can design, build, run and maintain the facility on a “lease-back” bases. Also in 2009, came the "Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie (non-P3)", in 2011 came the "Womens College Hospital", and in 2013 came MaRS Innovation & Energy Center Labatories.(both of the latter projects being P3).

Today, Danny continues to focus the company on customer satisfaction at competitive pricing, which is reflected in the overall growth of the company. Due to his continued commitment to invest back into the company through new technology and employee training, General Sprinklers will continue to be an industry leader for years to come!


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